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Nama Asli Adele Laurie Blue Adkins (ADELE)
Nama Panggilan Nama Populer Adele
Tempat/Tanggal Lahir Tottenham, North London, England, UK, 5 Mei 1988

19 (Adele album) (2008)
  1. Daydreamer
  2. Best for Last
  3. Chasing Pavements
  4. Cold Shoulder
  5. Crazy for You
  6. Melt My Heart to Stone
  7. First Love
  8. Right as Rain
  9. Make You Feel My Love
  10. My Same
  11. Tired
  12. Hometown Glory

  Adele 21 (2011)   :   
  1. Rolling in the Deep
  2. Rumour Has It
  3. Turning Tables
  4. Don't You Remember
  5. Set Fire to the Rain
  6. He Won't Go
  7. Take It All
  8. I'll Be Waiting
  9. One and Only
  10. Lovesong
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