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by: Senpou

Naruto 601 : The Truth

Scene starts in the other dimension showing Kakashi and Obito
Kakashi: So this means the other Obito there is not you?
Obito: Yes,he may have my body and eyes but he is not me.
Kakashi: Then who is he?

Obito: He's someone supposed to be dead a long time ago.But I need to show you the whole story so that you can understand it.
Kakashi: You can continue anyway there's nothing I can do from here...

As he's about to finish we see the Naruto clone come with a yellow flash
Naruto clone: Kakashi-sensei,so it was really you.(he sees Obito)!!!YOU!!!

As he's about to hit him Kakashi stops him
Kakashi: Calm down Naruto.He's the real one not the one outside.
Naruto: What?So who's the one outside?
Kakashi: He was telling me the whole story but since you came you can listen to it to.
Naruto: Ok
Obito: Well then shall we begin?

---Flashback begins---
We see Obito crashed by the huge rock.It's dark and nothing exept Obitos heavy breathing can be heard.

Two days passed from when I was crushed by the huge rock.I couldn't last any longer,I couldn't feel my crushed part and I was hungry until that event occurred

We see a shadowy figure emerge from the ground next to Obito.We later see that the figure is Zetsu
Obito: (barely speaking)
Zetsu: That has no importance,right now I must get you out of here.

After that he got me out with his jutsu and sent me to a cave.I had no idea what he was planning but i was to weak to responde.After we got in the cave there was one man standing there.He was very old.Zetsu placed me on top of a table and the last thing I could remember before fainting was that old man's face over my head.It was Madara Uchiha

Madara: Good thing he is still alive,now lets proced to the other step of the plan.Zetsu make a clone and bring him here.

Obito: That was the last thing I heard and then I woke up a week after,when i saw my body I was shocked the part crushed was all replaced,I was even taller I couldn't understand what was happening...

Madara: It seems that you finally woke up boy.
Obito: (takes a battle position)!!!!Who are you?
Madara: Relax boy,you haven't recovered full yet and wanna pick a fight?
Obito: Just tell me your name!!!
Madara: It's Madara Uchiha
Obito: (shocked)No,you can't be!You're supposed to be dead!!!

We see Madara right in front of Obito he catches Obito by the throat and throws him on top of the nearby table.Sudently chakra chains appear and restrain Obito.

Obito: What is the meaning of this,you said you would not harm me!
Madara: True,your body is precious to me for my plans.

We see Zetsu appearing
Zetsu: So it's time?

Madara: Yes,but you know that after this procedure I will die,so take care of him and guide him,anyway he will know about this because I'll transfer my memories into him.

Zetsu: I understand

We see Madara switch it's eyes to rinnegan,on his back the King of Hell appears and from his mouth a soul comes out and goes to Madaras hand.He puts the hand on Obitos chest and a blue energy starts surrounding him.

Obito: Arg...What are you doing?What is this?

Soon the blue energy starts to dissapear.We see Madara painting heavily

Madara: It's done.Now as a consequence of using that jutsu I will die but if things go as I planned I will be revived soon enough.I leave things at your hand Zetsu.

After this Madara died.We see Obito getting up but his face expression has changed,he looks like an other man.

Obito: So it's done finally and I can see everything has has passed throught my brothers memories
Zetsu: So he was able to resurrect you Izuna?
Izuna: Yes it seem...(suddently his hands begin to shake and move like he can't control them) What does this mean?

Zetsu: Well you see apart from you this body belonged to someone else,we infused your spirit with it but we couldn't get rid of his spirit so now he is trying to take control over his body.
Izuna: I see...well I'll take care of him

He closes his eyes and we see in his mind,Izuna is standing right before Obito

Izuna: So you're him?
Obito: Get out of my body now!I want it back
Izuna: I'm sorry but I have plans that need to be accoplished and I need your body for them.

Obito tries to attack but Izuna simply with a wave of his hand blocks him with chains and infuses the chains with sealing tags

Izuna: Now I sealed your soul in your mind so that you will never interfere with my plans,but I'm curious about you and I wanna discover some things.

He opens his sharingan and reads all of Obitos memories

Izuna: Interesting,this is the reason that you miss a sharingan huh?Well now I will be going,have fun here.

Izuna: (in real world) Zetsu is it?I'm going out for some powerup you can come along if you want
Zetsu: What kind of powerup?
Izuna: Mangekyo Sharingan.In this boy's memories there is a girl named Rin,he loved her and if I kill her I will be able to unlock it.

Zetsu: I know I was watching him since the beginning but you can also kill his closest friend Kakashi.

Izuna: No,that would be impossible,now that he has a sharingan and since he's a kid and a non-Uchiha many people will go after him for his eye and I think the Hokage knows this to and until he grows up and learns to control his sharingan he will be watched over by anbu night and day and with my current level of power on this body I wouldn't stand a chance

Zetsu: Alright and since I have my clones watching secretly over Kakashi and her I can tell you where she is

Izuna: Wery well...

Zetsu: One last thing wear this (he gives him his firts mask the one that he fought with Minato) Madara said it would be wise to not show this face so better with this mask

He takes the mask and wears it.It has passed about a week,we see Rin running into a forest,it's night but a sharingan eye now with three tomoe is watching her.

Izuna: You can run but you can't hide
Rin: Who was he?And on top of that why has he a sharingan?I wish Kakashi could be here...

She stops and she's shocked to see that he is in front of her.

Izuna: It's useless to run,you're in my world now.
Rin: What do you mean!!!Don't tell me...this is genjustu?But when did I fall for this.
Izuna: If you look into a sharingan eye you get caught immediatly at his genjustu.
Rin: Just who are you?
Izuna: Wery well I will show it to you before you die.

He takes the mask off,as soon as Rin notices his face she is shocked

Rin: No!You...!You just can't be him!
Izuna: Believe what you want girl but this is the truth

She gets an even shocked expression and we see that in the real world Izuna impaled her straight to the heart with a blade.She falls to the ground dead and with tears in her eyes.Now we focus on Izuna as his eye slowly starts to form the Mangekyo.

Izuna: Good to have the Mangekyo like the old days.

Different panels are showing time pass away.Izuna training and being able to control perfectly the sharingan,Kakashi ar Rins funeral,Izuna pretending to be Madara and training Nagato.Now it has passed a year and we see Izuna getting ready for something,Zetsu is watching him.

Izuna: Do you know ther location?
Zetsu: Yes

Izuna: Good,now lets begin the first stage of my take the Kyuubi away from Kushina and destroy Konoha

---Flashback ends---

Obito: This is all,you know the rest
Kakashi: The truth...who would have thought that it would be this way...
Naruto: It's all clear now...We must defeat him
Obito: I know the way to do it.
Kakashi/Naruto: ???

Obito: When he comes here ,it's just his soul so if we beat him here that means that his soul will be destroyed and I will be able to take my body back.

Kakashi: How come that when he comes here it's just his soul?

Obito: You haven't figured it yet I see,well I'll tell you this dimension is all a creation of my mind,the sharingan simply moves objects from here to the real world,it's like a gate

Kakashi: !!!

Obito: And since you can acces the Mangekyo you can also acces this dimension so you can acces a part of my mind,that's why you could find me even that I said to you that I was prisioned in my mind.

Naruto: So how can we bring him here so that we can beat him?

Obito: I know a way...If you free me from the chains I can try to take over my body and he will be forced to come here to stop me.

Kakashi: Well then what are we waiting for...
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